Furiously Fast Racing
Rotating concept art

What is Furiously Fast Racing?

Furiously Fast Racing (FFR) is a light hearted drag racing game. All of the key elements of drag racing are present such as shifting at the the correct time and making a good launch but the cars, characters, and environment are designed make the game accessible to a wider audience; not just hardcore race fans, although they have a game they can enjoy as well. FFR puts you in control of your own car and character. You can upgrade your car and customize your character to fit your own personal style and race against a variety of opponents on various difficulties for any skill level. Are you Ready to Race?

What is Chico State Game Studios?

Chico State Game Studios (CSGS) is the culminating project of the Applied Computer Graphics department at CSU Chico. The advanced production class is mostly student led, and offers students a unique learning experience: