Chico State Game Studios

Chico State Game Studios is housed by the Applied Computer Graphics Program at California State University Chico.

Video Game Production 2013

Infinite Cycle created by Team USSR


PC - Windows 7

1024 MB RAM

Dual Core Intel or AMD Processor 2.0ghz

Dedicated Nvidia or ATI video card 256 MB

DirectX 9

Installation Instructions

1. Right click the .zip file and unzip it

2. Run the .exe file

Infinite Cycle Category: Arcade

created by Team USSR

Infinite Cycle Screen Shot Infinite Cycle Screen Shot

Infinite Cycle

Infinite Cycle is an arcade racing game in which you control a futuristic hover cycle as you escape the falling track behind you. Control the bike with the arrow keys or WASD to turn the bike left and right and tilt the nose up and down. The bike moves forward on its own and you can increase your speed by boosting using the mouse click or the F key. As you move forward the track behind you will fall causing you to fall into the abyss and lose the game.

Picking up coins on the course increases your score and adds one to your multiplier. The multiplier increases your score exponentially and fades away unless you pick up another coin fast enough. Multipliers can stack indefinitely until you lose them. Boosting also increases your score. The red coin is rare coin that spawns in certain places rarely and grants a large multiplier

Team: USSR
Anthony Graceffa
Christian Seul
Travis Compton
Kody Dennis