Chico State Game Studios

Chico State Game Studios is housed by the Applied Computer Graphics Program at California State University Chico.

Video Game Production 2007

Gorilla Warfare created by Project 8280


PC Running Windows 98SE or Above, CD or DVD-ROM Drive, 32MB DirectX-Compatible Graphics Card, DirectX-Compatible Sound Card, DirectX 8 or Above.

Installation Instructions

Rick-Click and Save the "Gorilla" file anywhere to your PC.

Extract the "Gorilla Warfare.exe" file and Double-Click to play!

Gorilla Warfare Category: 2D Side Scroller Action/Adventure (Single Player)

created by Project 8280

Gorilla Warfare Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Warfare is a 2D action/adventure game that places the player in control of a genetically altered gorilla (Project 8280). The player must lead Project 8280 through a series of levels to escape the military compound to seek his independence.

Team: Project 8280
Gary Angeja
Drew Barrows
Steve Wanders
George Orozco