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Video Game Production 2007

Dragon Rift created by Flaming Zombie Squirrels

Download: Dragon Rift Zip



Installation Instructions

Download the DragonRift.rar folder and extract it onto the desktop. Once the game has been extracted click on the Dragon Rift folder and click on the icon that says Game with RGSS under it. The icon looks like a big orange gear.

Dragon Rift Category: Role-Playing (Single Player)

created by Flaming Zombie Squirrels

Dragon Rift Dragon Rift

Dragon Rift

The player is born as a powerful and mythical creature of legend, a baby dragon, into a world previously decimated by civil war and strife. The player will be driven to explore and survive as they grow larger and more powerful than their opponents. Learning about the past of the dragon race and looking towards a cloudy future the player will help carve a path for Dragonkind.

The gameplay adds thirst and hunger that the player must take care of while battling as a baby dragon. Use the arrow keys to move around, Space or Enter for Action button, and Esc for the menu where you can save, access stats and the inventory. RPG Maker was used to create this game.

Team: Flaming Zombie Squirrels
Tiffany Comfort
Will Owen
Christopher Colton
Jameson Marrs