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Chico State Game Studios is housed by the Applied Computer Graphics Program at California State University Chico.

Video Game Production 2007

Alpha Lounge created by E9


Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME or XP running DirectX 8.0 or better with a minumum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Installation Instructions

Download and run the installer.

Alpha Lounge Category: Casual Puzzle Game (Multiplayer)

created by E9

Alpha Lounge Alpha Lounge

Alpha Lounge

Alpha Lounge is a fast-paced, multiplayer, networked (or local) game in which players attempt to outwit their competitors by quickly identifying words in a rapidly growing letter pool. When a word is created successfully, the letters are then removed from the letter pool. Players must be quick on their toes; every second they wait, they risk their opponent stealing letters vital to their word! Alpha Lounge is a constant balance of risk and reward, resource management, and pattern identification, providing the player with a rapid-fire, stimulating, and competitive gaming experience.

Local Play: Up to 3 Players

Network Play: Up to 15 Players

Team: E9
Alisha Thayer
Chris Funk
Lindsey Anderson
Nathan Harling